Extra virgin olive oil

P.G.I. Toscano

Oil and wine. Tuscany is a region covered in hills where alternating olive groves, vineyards and farmhouses shape the landscape.
The rural tradition in this area has resulted in the highest proportion of cooperative work, a community tradition that builds on shared values and relies on the strength that comes from a multitude of small family business.
This welcoming land is a testimony of  how nature and history have coexisted harmoniously. As demonstrated by its roads, that come across abbeys while winding between rows of cypress, following an itinerary of good living.
In Tuscany the art of growing olives  is a tradition handed down through the centuries. Here olive trees are kept low to ease the premature picking of the olives so as to achieve

oliveProduction area: Tuscany
oliveHarvest: Each year the Tuscan Oil Consortium establishes the picking period
oliveOlive variety
: mainly Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino
: bright green
oliveAroma: full and persistent fruity
oliveFlavour: intensely fruity with a hint of artichoke
oliveFood Pairing: straight from the bottle for rustic soup, steak with rocket, a dish of game or the classic Tuscan bruschetta

Fruity :
Bitter :
Pungent :

Recipes from Tuscany

Recipes from Tuscany