Extra virgin olive oil

P.D.O. Riviera Ligure

Riviera dei Fiori

It was the Benedictine monks that first planted and selected the olive trees that grow in the thin chalky soil patches found among the stoney hills and cliffs along the Ligurian western coast.
The Taggiasca olive variety has since prospered in this climate, kept perfectly mild both in summer and in winter by a breeze that brings with it all the aroma of the sea.
This precious fruit is cared for on terraces that have been carved out of the cliffs overlooking the Ligurian Sea by the expert hands of the “massacàn” masons who have managed to recoup land where it did not seem possible before.
Those who inhabit and work this land, like the generations before them, treasure it with care, knowing the labour and sacrifice that has gone into cultivating the land as reflected in the subtle nuances of the oil it produces.

oliveProduction area: Province of Imperia, Liguria
oliveHarvest: no later than March 31 each year
oliveOlive variety: manly Taggiasca
: from yellow to greenish yellow
oliveAroma: of ripe fruit
oliveFlavour: lightly fruity with a distinct sweet sensation
oliveFood pairing: straight from the bottle for steamed or baked fish and seafood salads

Fruity :
Bitter :
Pungent :

Recipes from Liguria

Recipes from Liguria